Frequent Myths About Lightning You Shouldn’t Consider

Lightning is a strong power of nature that strikes the Earth about 100 occasions each second. It’s additionally probably the most harmful pure phenomena. Individuals have many various beliefs about lightning, and a few of these myths have been round for years. Sadly, these myths might be dangerous and stop individuals from staying secure throughout thunderstorms. This text will debunk a number of the widespread myths about lightning you shouldn’t consider.

Metallic Attracts Lighting

Many individuals consider that the presence of metallic considerably will increase the probability of a lightning strike. Nonetheless, this isn’t correct. Lightning seeks the trail of least resistance to the bottom, which suggests it targets the tallest object in an space, whatever the materials.

Due to this fact, whereas metallic is a conductor of electrical energy, the idea that metallic inherently attracts lightning is a false impression. The peak, form, and placement of an object or construction play extra vital roles in figuring out its susceptibility to lightning strikes.

You Are Protected Inside Your Car Throughout a Thunderstorm

Your automobile could look like a secure haven throughout a thunderstorm, however this isn’t completely correct. A automobile can defend you from being immediately struck by lightning, however the glass home windows and roof don’t defend you from its electrical cost. If you will discover a safer indoor location throughout a thunderstorm, accomplish that. In case you should keep in your automobile, park it in a secure location away from bushes, and keep away from touching any metallic elements.

Lightning By no means Strikes the Similar Place Twice

Lighting has clearly struck buildings, tall landmarks, and even bushes greater than as soon as. In case you’re exterior throughout a thunderstorm, keep away from standing below tall constructions or bushes.

You Ought to Lie Flat on the Floor Throughout a Thunderstorm

The final widespread fantasy about lightning you shouldn’t consider is that it’s best to lie flat on the bottom throughout a thunderstorm. This fantasy has resulted within the damage and demise of quite a few individuals. In case you lie flat on the bottom throughout a thunderstorm, you turn into a bigger goal for lightning strikes. As an alternative, it’s best to both crouch down on the balls of your toes or sit down together with your palms in your knees and your toes collectively. This place supplies the bottom attainable publicity to lightning.